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Eeek! A mouse in the house

Posted on Oct 13, 2012

stop at indoor sanitation.  Outdoor sanitation is equally important.  Always maintain proper landscaping (trim any undergrowth) elevate lumber at least 18" off the ground, remove all debris like rock piles and old equipment, and always move stacks of firewood away from your house.


The 3rd, and in my opinion, most important is exclusion. "Rodent-Proofing" your home whenever possible is a critical step in controlling rodents. It's a sure thing that if you make it impossible for mice to gain entry to your home then your rodent control would be off to a favorable start.  However, it is very difficult to exclude mice since they can pass through an opening about the size of a dime! These are a few access points to look for, as well as ways to repair them.  Find all holes and cracks in foundation, walls and basements with hardware cloth.  Equip all doors and windows with fine mesh, well maintained screens. All chimneys should be capped.  Make sure seals around all exterior lines leading though the walls are tight (outlets, a/c lines, dryer vents, etc.) Cover all vents with hardware cloth and aluminum/copper screening.


Although these steps seem simple, I can assure you that the process will be much more difficult than you anticipate. Follow these steps and you can be certain that you will soon be rodent free. .

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