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Is Your Spring Cleaning Rousting out Roaches, Ants or Spiders?

Posted on Mar 14, 2013

So it’s time for spring cleaning already, and it’s not a job you love. In addition to the fun—not!—of moving furniture in order to clean thoroughly, you know that you might come across roaches, ants, spiders, or other critters, who are also deciding it’s time to get up and move around now that the weather is warming up.


Yes, it’s that time of year—but we can help. Whether it’s ants in your pantry, spiders in your garage, or roaches under the kitchen sink, we have the professional knowledge and skill to beat back any invasions from each of these pests—and more.


Ants seem to be the most common pest in our area—or at least we get the most calls for them. They will use just about any little crack or crevice to get into our homes, and they come in search of food. From the tiny black ones that you sometimes see marching in a line across your kitchen floor to carpenter ants, which are over half an inch long, we can kill them all. By the way, did you know that carpenter ants, like carpenters, cut through wood but don’t actually eat it? This means that you might mistake the sawdust appearing near your woodwork for termite damage when it’s really carpenter ants. That’s why it’s important to give the professionals a call—we can make sure to treat the true cause of the problem!


Roaches really seem to love city sewer systems, and move from one house to another that way, as well as in just about anything you bring into the house, from bags to books to clothing. They like to hang out in warm, humid environments, which is why kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms are often their homes. They like sweets and starches—like humans!—so you may find them in your library or eating your wallpaper as well as under the kitchen sink.


Fortunately for you, most spiders are harmless, and their webs do catch a number of flying pests around your home. Unfortunately, however, there are two kinds of spiders that have a poisonous bite: brown recluse and black widows. You can read more about them on our pest web page, to see if you can figure out which type you have—but we recommend contacting us rather than trying to get rid of them yourself.


So when it’s time for your spring cleaning, contact us to help with the bugs you find. You and your house will be cleaner and safer with our help.

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