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Top 3 Do It Yourself Bedbug Blunders

Posted on May 9, 2013

Does your skin crawl whenever someone even makes a brief mention of bedbugs? If so, perhaps you've dealt with these blood-sucking pests, or you've known someone who has. A bedbug infestation takes up an incredible amount of time, and it requires professional treatment. Even so, in an effort to save money, people constantly try to tackle the problem themselves. Unfortunately, they usually only end up making the problem worse, or creating dangerous situations. Here are a few of the most common bedbug blunders people make when assessing or treating their infestations.


Mixing Chemicals

When you think too hard about the fact that bedbugs enjoy feeding on you at night, not only will you begin to jump every time a dust particle brushes against your skin, but you'll also start playing chemist right in your very own home. Mixing chemicals is dangerous, and lack of sleep can quickly convince you that if you just find the right combination, you'll crack the code that will result in the bedbugs' demise. Unfortunately, you're wrong.


Focusing Only on the Mattress

Contrary to popular belief, and contrary to their name, bedbugs don't always hang out on your mattress. Your mattress is where you are at night, so it's where they like to venture out to. Quite often, they'll hunker down in other locations in your bedroom. They might be lurking in your headboard, in a bedside table, or in that pile of clothes you keep on the floor. Chances are, if you do a little more searching around your bed, or in other places in your room, you'll find them. Even though they're shy, if your infestation is a bad one, you'll run into one eventually.


Searching During the Day

When do you look for bedbugs? During the day or at night? Remember, bedbugs are nocturnal. At nighttime they come out, following your carbon dioxide emissions to locate where you are. If you're looking for them during the daytime, you won't have much luck, especially if your infestation is relatively new. They're excellent at hiding, and they like to keep out of sight until the middle of the night.


Trying to diagnose and treat your own bedbug infestation can have devastating consequences. It can also result in a great amount of stress for you as well as for your entire family. At Extermco Termite & Pest Control, we have the necessary tools to treat your bedbug infestation and bring you the good night's sleep you've been missing.

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