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Why Hire a Commercial Kitchen Pest Control Service

Posted on May 20, 2013

Commercial kitchens are set up to prepare food for purchase and as such are subject to government regulation and inspection.  However, whenever a sizeable amount of food is present, the facility has the potential to attract and harbor pests.  These pests may include insects and rodents.


The most prevalent insect problem in US commercial kitchensis the German cockroach.  This is a small cockroach with 2 distinct longitudinal stripes behind its head. The German cockroach requires regular moisture and hides in dark places near food.  They are able squeeze into small cracks and crevices.  Cockroaches may consume food or even books.  On the other hand they can live for weeks without eating.


Their habits, along with their ability to detect vibration, sound and light, make it a challenge to locate and eliminate them.


The fly is another pest commonly found in the commercial kitchen.  Flies are attracted to food, garbage and moisture. 


These insects, besides being repulsive, may potentially carry disease.  The cockroaches collect bacteria on their legs and bodies.  Flies also carry bacteria on their bodies and can spread Salmonella and E. coli.  The skin shedding of roaches has been associated with allergic reactions and asthma.


Another threat to the commercial kitchen is the rodent.  Rodents also carry disease organisms such as salmonella and their movements will disperse the germs on food prep areas, utensils and appliances.


Hiring a commercial kitchen pest control company to address the problem along with an ongoing effort to clean up food and the areas where the roaches habituate will go a long way towards elimination.  Cockroaches are highly prolific so vigilance is extremely important.  Even with attention to cleanliness the cockroach remains a threat because of its ability to escape detection with hiding.  With his expertise, tools and controls, including baits, an exterminator is able to locate and directly treat the roach’s living space.


The exterminator will use his skills to address any other insect problems such as flies and effectively eliminate existing rodent problems along with preventing reentry.


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