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Is excess moisture making your home friendly to bugs?

Posted on Jun 12, 2013

Each type of bug has its own habits and preferences, but one trait common to a range of bugs is their attraction to water.  Your home could be generally clean and well-maintained, with food kept sealed and clutter reduced to a minimum.  However, if you have excess moisture in your home, your risk of infestation from a number of pests, including roaches and termites, will still be high.


How can you rid your home of excess moisture?


Fix plumbing problems.  Leaking pipes and taps are a major attraction to bugs.  Moisture accumulation in your walls and in the foundation of your house, and pools of standing water in and your home need to be dealt with.


Take care of A/C water leaks.  Especially in warmer weather when you're using your A/C regularly, make sure the units aren't leaking water.


Get rid of moisture quickly.  A glass of water you've forgotten to finish or a pet's water dish that's been sitting out for too long can attract bugs.  Keep the surfaces of your home free of excess moisture, including your bathroom floor.  Clean up immediately after spills and don't leave water standing in your kitchen sink.


Maintain your yard wisely.  Make sure your sprinklers aren't spraying a lot of water at the foundation of your home; similarly, your garden hose shouldn't be leaking large puddles near your house.  When you're gardening, don't place plants right up against your house; preserve some distance, at least a few feet.  To help channel water, including rain, away from your house, install drains and gutters and make sure they're clean and free of blockages.  Protecting the foundation of your home from excess moisture will help prevent termite infestation, along with making your home less attractive to other pests as well.


Although these measures won't give you a 100% guarantee that you'll be free of bugs, they'll reduce the chances of an infestation.  Contact us if you require assistance dealing with bugs in your home or would like additional advice on preventative measures.

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