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Four Signs you have Termites

Posted on Jun 18, 2013

According to the National Pest Management Association, termites cause about $5 billion in damage in the United States.  Here’s a few tips to help you identify if your home is infested. 


Tunnels:  Termites travel across exposed wood through pencil sized tunnels. Tunnels are a sure sign that you either have termites, or have had termites in the past. You can try breaking a piece of the tunnel off, and checking to see if it gets rebuilt. This will help you identify if the tunnel is active. 


SwarmingTermites establish new colonies during the spring. If you have an infestation, some of your termites will leave to start anew somewhere else during this time. Look out for swarms of termites, or a pile of those that died while trying to swarm. 


Hollow Areas:  The exterior wood in your home may look fine, but there could be all kinds of damage on the inside. Take a screwdriver and tap or poke on suspected areas. Hollow wood will sound differently when you tap on it, and extremely weak wood may break when you poke it. These are signs that the wood is being eaten from the inside by termites. 


Visible TermitesTermites like moisture and wood. Don’t store any wood piles against or close to your home. If you do have wood piles or mulch near your home, pull them back and check for visible bugs. 

If you find any evidence of termite damage, or if you’re just not sure,contact us for a free termite inspection.

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