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Roaches, Ants, Spiders, Oh My! Identifying Insect Types and Attractions During the Summer

Posted on Jun 22, 2013

When roaches, ants, and spiders enter a home, there might be a good segment of the population who are going to either panic or become frustrated. While the aforementioned insects can enter your home at any time of the year, summer is a time when you don't want to see ants in your kitchen, a roach in your bed or a spider just about anywhere else. And with so many different types of these insects around, plus items that attract them, how do you know what to look out for during the summer months?


Types of Spiders and What Attracts Them

While you can easily remove one spider from your home by simply placing it in a jar and taking it outside, what happens when you get multiple spiders in your home? You should identify what type of spider it is in the event that it could be one that bites and does harm to someone in your family. In most cases, only the black widow spider would do that. These also bite and should require an exterminator if you see more of them.

Of course, garden spiders are harmless and will be seen the most sitting on webs in corners of rooms. Even if they don't bite, you may not care to see them if they crawl into bed with you.

For the most part, the most dangerous spiders generally exist outside around woodpiles. Regardless, they could still reside in a more isolated part of your indoor space.


Types of Ants and What Attracts Them

Hundreds of ant types exist that it's sometimes impossible for identification based on their similar appearance. The Pharoah ant has become a big problem in the United States based on their persistence and inability to be controlled without a professional exterminator. As well, the carpenter ant is one of the most destructive to your home at a level termites are. We all know ants are attracted to any type of food, particularly sugar. They also search out water during the summer, so be aware of any standing water in your kitchen or other parts of your home.


What Attracts Roaches?

If a roach is a roach is a roach, what attracts these insects that arguably create more panic than any other insect? Unfortunately, any type of food attracts roaches, as well as water. They also easily hide in crevices and come out at night where they can spread disease.


As with ants, don't leave standing water around during the night. The same applies to food, particularly sweet or fatty foods.


Employing all the above advice won't necessarily get rid of these common insects during the summer. Here at Extermco Termite and Pest Control, we know how to rid you of roaches, ants and spiders so you can enjoy the summer months without pests entering your home. Contact us today, or call us at 479-783-1822 for 24-hour emergency response.

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