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Fort Smith Exterminator’s Fun Facts about Striped Bark Scorpion

Posted on Aug 30, 2013

Arkansas’ Fort Smith area and the surrounding communities are home to a vast array of fauna. One of the more fascinating arthropods is the striped bark scorpion. Our exterminators frequently encounter them during the normal course of their Fort Smith pest control work. As such, we thought that it might be fun to share the following facts with you:


Fort Smith Exterminator's Fun Fact #1 – Glowing Potential

Did you know that striped bark scorpions, in certain circumstances, have the ability to glow bright green? According to Henderson State University’s data, the creatures will glow when placed under black light bulbs. However, given that striped bark scorpions also have propensity to deliver a wicked bite, we wouldn’t recommend that you try experimenting with one at home.


Fort Smith Exterminator's Fun Fact #2 – Oh Mama!

Glowing under black lights is not the only remarkable thing that Arkansas’ scorpions can do either. They are also capable of giving birth to 50 babies at one time! Although on average, most tend to give birth to 31 children with each pregnancy. This leads us to our next fun fact.


Fort Smith Exterminator's Fun Fact #3 – A Pain in the Back?

Once born, the babies get placed onto their mothers’ backs. They remain there for up to 15 days. Can you just imagine what it would be like to carry 30 to 50 people on your back for 15 days? In our opinion, that’s a real Herculean feat. Especially when you consider how small adult striped bark scorpions are. In most instances, they only grow to be 60 mm long. Talk about being tiny and tough!


Fort Smith Exterminator's Fun Fact #4 – One is the Loneliest Number

Another thing that you may find fascinating is that that out of the 2,000+ species of scorpions in the world, only members of the striped bark family have decided to call Arkansas home. The other species tend to live in other areas like Brazil and the Himalayas.


Fort Smith Exterminator's Fun Fact #5 – Dieting Dynamos

Finally, we’d like to share with you one last, fascinating fact about striped bark scorpions. When need be, they can survive an entire year on only one small meal. Now that gives a whole new meaning to dieting doesn’t it?

To discover more facts about Arkansas’ scorpion population, including how to remove them from your property, contact us. Our exterminators may be reached by phone or through the Extermco Termite & Pest Control website. Our phone number is (479) 783-1822.

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