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The Right Exterminator Can Save Your Home From an Invasion of Carpenter An

Posted on Oct 2, 2013

Carpenter ants invading the walls of your home can lead to serious issues with your property's structural well-being. The destruction carpenter ants cause your home is not due to them feeding on the wood, instead the damage is from them borrowing their way through the wood to create nests.  Because of the fast rate carpenter ants reproduce and the sheer number of ants a nest can house, ridding your home of these bugs quickly, is key to avoiding major issues. Knowing what to look for and where to look is essential in determining whether your property has been infested.


Where to look

  • Carpenter ants will most likely enter your home through damp or decaying wood. From there they create numerous tunnels that lead to their parent colony and to their satellite colonies.
  • Likely places for carpenter ants to invade are wood areas surrounding leaking plumbing fixtures, damaged wood around crawl spaces, and window frames underneath leaking gutters.
  • Fire wood and tree stumps that are located close to your home are also sources that may lead to carpenter ants entering your house.


Signs to look for

  • You are likely to spot carpenter ants searching your kitchen for food at night. If you do see ants wandering your home, you may be able to tell if they are carpenter ants by their appearance. If the ant is larger than normal and is either a dull black, yellowish-red, or a black and reddish-orange, you may have an invasion on your hands.
  • Finding small piles of sawdust near walls, windows, and doors inside your home is a significant indication that ants are present.
  • If you suspect an infestation, tapping on walls and doors can help you find evidence of a nest. Damaged wood will often sound hollow due to the tunnels the ants have created.


How to get rid of carpenter ants

  • Unfortunately, exterminating carpenter ants from your home is a difficult task and if you fail to rid your property of the pest completely, your house will continue to sustain structural damage.
  • Spraying the ants you find roaming your home with over the counter insecticides, may seem like an easy cure, but due to the large number of ants a single nest can have, this method will not eradicate the bugs entirely.
  • Hiring an exterminator to ensure the elimination of all ants takes place is vital in saving your home from receiving extensive structural corruption. A timely response to the appearance of carpenter ants can save you thousands of dollars on repairs.
  • Once the extermination is complete, repairing damaged wood will stop a new invasion from occurring. If you have any leaking pipes or broken gutters, be sure to repair the problem before damp wood becomes a breeding nest for carpenter ants again.


If carpenter ants have invaded your home, please contact usOur staff of professional exterminators offers Arkansas' Fort Smith region same day services and provides  a customized solution to your pest problem.

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