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Fall Pest Control: Keeping Pests Out of Your Home in Cooler Weather

Posted on Oct 15, 2013

People associate summer and its warmer weather with a profusion of pests, as we see insects and other small creatures all over the place during hotter weather.  But the fall season poses a danger too, as the weather cools in October and November.  Pests will be seeking out a warm refuge for the cooler months, and that may wind up being your home.


Whether it's rodents looking for a cozier spot or invading ants hoping to set up camp beneath your floorboards, your home offers food, water, shelter, and warmth,and protected places where pests can live and reproduce no matter how cold it gets outside.  As such,pest control is necessary year round, including times of more transitional weather when pests may be hunting for new homes.



What are some of the things you should do about potential pests in the fall season?


  • Take the opportunity to inspect your home for cracks and other easy entryways for pests.
  • If you have outdoor furniture, gear, and other items that you'd like to bring indoors now that summer has ended, inspect them all for pests.  Do the same for anything you've brought back with you from recent travels, such as camping or hiking trips.  Check any clothing or bedding for fleas.
  • Keep your yard tidy throughout the fall.  Large accumulations of moist, decomposing leaves, especially right around your house, could be very attractive to pests.
  • Regularly check your gutters and drains for blockages, including from falling leaves and debris.  If there's excess moisture building up around your house, pests are more likely to make their way there.
  • Be mindful of what food you leave out around the house or what you use for decoration. Some people, for instance, like to decorate their porch with pumpkins, squashes, and seasonal flowers and plants; check if this isn't attracting flies, roaches, spiders and other pests.


Even if you don't have a pest problem, contact professionals who can give your home a thorough inspection this fall, addressing any vulnerabilities and helping you set up preventative measures to keep pests from turning your home into a cozy winter retreat.  And if you do already see signs of pests, get the problem taken care of ASAP so that the existing problem doesn't develop into something even worse.

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