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An Exterminator Can Solve Your Flea Problem

Posted on Oct 21, 2013

Fleas often invade your home by catching a ride on your dog or cat. While your animal is happily running around a park or taking a nap in your backyard, they can pick up the pest and transfer them into your house. Ridding your home of these pesky creatures means removing them from your pet and completely eradicating them from your living space. Listed below are tips on how to identify and eliminate fleas from your pet and home. While doing it yourself may seem simple, it is always a good idea to contact an exterminator for additional guidance.


How to discover and eliminate fleas from your pet

Your first clue and probably most obvious evidence that fleas have entered your home is an itchy pet. If you notice your dog or cat continuously scratching, immediately check your animal for the insect. While fleas are small, they are still visible to the human eye. If you see tiny, dark dots on your pet, there is a good chance you are dealing with fleas. Once you've spotted the bug, promptly purchase a flea comb from your local pet store. It is wise to use one of these specialized combs because the teeth are extremely close to together, which means it is able to pull the fleas off single strains of hair. Place a soapy cup of water next to you as you comb through your animals fur. After each stroke, submerge the comb in the water to drown the fleas you have removed.


Once you are done combing your pet, your next step is getting them into your bathtub. While most animals don't like being immersed up to their neck in soapy water, doing so is the only way to guarantee the fleas are drowned. It is crucial you keep your pet in this position for a few minutes; otherwise you may not completely rid them of the pest. Performing another comb through after your animal's bath is highly recommended.


How to find fleas in your home

If you've discovered your dog or cat has fleas, it is vital to check your home for further infestation. Inspect your carpeting and especially examine areas where your pet frequently sleeps. Putting a pair of white socks on and walking throughout your house is a good way to detect flea activity. Because fleas consume blood, they are attracted to the warmth your body emits, so as you make your way through your home they may jump on your feet. Wearing white socks will allow you to spot them.


Unfortunately, flea bites are not limited to animals, humans can also be victims of the insect's blood consuming needs. Itching and small red pumps with a tiny puncture mark in the middle are symptoms of flea bites. While most fleas are not dangerous, they do have the potential to carry diseases because of their consumption of blood. Washing bedding and vacuuming carpeting are good first steps in eliminating the pest from your home, but if you do not get rid of all the fleas or the eggs they have laid, you will more than likely have another infestation occur.


If you are looking to rid your home of fleas, please contact us. Our team of professional exterminators offers Arkansas' Fort Smith region same day services, along with a customized solution to your pest problem.

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