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Steps to Good Commercial Kitchen Pest Contro

Posted on Nov 4, 2013

Restaurants can be subject to infestations from rodents, flies, roaches and other pests. Preventing these infestations is much easier than exterminating them is, which is why good commercial kitchen pest control should be a part of any business operation.


Make sure areas where you store and prepare food are kept as clean and orderly as possible. Avoid allowing clutter and debris to accumulate, as this makes it more likely that mice will decide to nest there. Empty trash cans often, and rinse them out with soap and water at least once a week so that insects will not be attracted to the residue that can accumulate inside of them.


Sinks, counters, and stoves should all be kept clean and free of grease in order to discourage roaches from crawling on them. Sweep underneath stoves and grills several times each day to remove food particles that have fallen into these spaces.


Keeping your kitchen in good repair will also go a long way toward preventing pests. Repair any holes in exterior walls or baseboards so that rodents will not have easy access to your space. Caulk around windows and repair holes in screens so that flies and other insects will not be able to enter as easily as they would have otherwise.


Store food off the floor by using pallets or shelving designed especially for this purpose. When rotating stock, look for droppings, chewed paper, or the remains of insects, as these all indicate you have a problem that needs to be addressed. You could also set out glue traps in order to detect insect or vermin so that an exterminator can be called if needed.


Restaurant pest control must be handled delicately, since spraying chemicals in areas where food is present can be harmful if not done correctly. Rather than risk exposing your customers to toxins, contact us for all your pest control needs instead.

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