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7 Facts You DID NOT Know About Termites

Posted on Dec 16, 2013

While an infestation of termites in your home is no laughing matter. These unwanted pests are actually fascinating insects. Nicknamed the “social cockroach,” termites were once believed to have a distant relation to cockroaches, but after extensive research was performed on the two bugs, it was discovered they were far more connected than previously believed. In fact, after Paul Eggleton, an entomologist with the Natural History Museum and his colleagues completed a comprehensive study of the two insects' DNA, they learned termites evolved from a cockroach's ancestor. Though, these troublesome bugs cause homeowners a large amount of grief every year, it is difficult to deny that their habits and characteristics make them an interesting subject to explore. Listed below are 7 facts that you may not have known about these wood consuming insects. 


1. There is no such thing as a sleeping termite. Termites work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without taking a break. While you may feel a large amount of disdain for these tiny pests, you have to admit they are hard and determined workers.


2. Sunlight and termites do not mix. The insect is quite sensitive to the shining sun and in some cases termites exposed to the bright light can die.


3. The soldiers and workers in a termite colony are blind. Their lack of eyesight is largely due to the environment they live in. The dark, dank nests they inhabit do not leave the bug with much reason to develop the ability to see.


4. When their nest is infiltrated, termites have their own version of an alarm system. Soldiers create vibrations by hitting their heads against the walls of the nest. The vibrations warn the rest the colony of the presence of an intruder.


5. Though, termites are considered destructive and relentless by homeowners, their job in nature is extremely important. A termite's ability to break down plant fiber and dead trees helps maintain the health of a forest.


6. The number of termites living on earth exceeds the number of humans, which is likely due to the fact that the termite queen is capable of laying 40,000 eggs a day.


7. Out of the 50 state in the USA, Alaska is the only state where subterranean termites do not reside.

No matter how interesting termites are, finding them in your home is distressing. If you suspect a termite infestation, please contact us today, and our staff of professional exterminators will rid your home of these infuriating insects.

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