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Interesting Facts About the Roach

Posted on Dec 26, 2013

We have all probably heard that a cockroach can live through a nuclear disaster, or that they have been around since the dinosaurs. The cockroach is probably one of the best known bugs for inducing a case of the "willies", but not all roaches are created equal. Here we will look at ten interesting facts about them you probably aren't aware of.


1. A cockroach can live six weeks without a meal. In hard times it will actually eat things like leather, soap, wallpaper paste and even hair. 

2. A cockroach can hold its breath for 40 minutes, and it can survive that long even under water. It is used to holding its breath often to help regulate loss of water.

3. Cockroaches may wander aimlessly about without them, but they can actually go headless. They breathe through the sides of their bodies, not their mouths. However, after about seven days they will die from thirst.

4. There are over 4000 species. And though we cringe at the thought, only about 30 are considered pests. The rest live in natural outdoor habitats and are considered one of nature's garbage disposals.

5. Roaches have quite an affinity to alcohol, especially beer. It may be the grain, it may be the sugar, or maybe they just enjoy kicking back with a drink after a long day.

6. Cockroaches like affection too. No, not really, but they do like to feel contact on all sides of their bodies. A typical roach you find in a home can squeeze into an area the thickness of a quarter.

7. They bleed white blood. They don't use hemoglobin to carry blood, which is the substance that makes blood appear red.

8. Cockroaches can deal with cold. A cockroach can live in temperatures as low as 32 degrees. Much lower than that and they will die.

9. Roaches drool. Tests have shown roaches can be trained by different scents like vanilla to know they are about to receive a sugary treat. Once they detect the scent with their antennae, they begin to drool, just like Fido at dinner time.

10. Processed cockroaches have been used for centuries as cures for maladies. Anyone for roach tea for dropsy? How about fried roaches and garlic for indigestion? Or the next time you get a nasty stingray sting, try mashing up some roaches for a poultice.

As interesting as they may be, no one wants roaches in the home. To find out how to rid yourself of these pests, feel free to contact us.

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