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Roaches, Ants and Spiders: A Look at the Infamous Arkansas Black Widow

Posted on Feb 5, 2014

During the cold Arkansas winters, it’s easy to forget about roaches, ants, spiders. However, just because they aren’t as active doesn’t mean that they can’t be a nuisance. Some creatures, like the black widows found in the Fort Smith area, tend to create problems for some residents year round.


Winter is actually the time of year when Arkansas’ black widow population moves indoors. They do so in the hopes of staying warm and safe until spring. Once spring fully arrives, they start to engage in their mating behaviors, which can quickly spell big trouble for Arkansas’  residents. That’s because each female black widow has the ability to create up to 15 egg balls. The balls may contain up to 900 offspring, which typically hatch within a month’s time.


Although many of those offspring won’t survive, there will undoubtedly be some that will. They, in turn, will have the capability of injecting their venom into Arkansas’ other residents. That venom can cause everything from cramps and speech defects to difficulties with ambulation. Those residents that do end up being bitten should take immediate steps to ensure that the venom doesn’t spread and seek emergency medical attention.


It should also be noted that Arkansas’ adult, black widows are often 7/16 inches long and feature an hour-glass shaped, red marking on their abdomens. They usually build their webs close to the ground or another structure that offers them darkness during the day and an easily accessible escape route. In addition, they often seek out areas that are least apt to be disturbed by humans or pets.


Thus, it is not uncommon to find them hiding out in electrical boxes, crawl spaces, attics, basements and garages. Fort Smith residents that notice low-lying webs and other signs of black widow spider activity should take immediate steps to evict the notorious arachnids from their homes. To find out more about effectively getting rid of Arkansas’ roaches, ants and spiders, please Contact our Fort Smith Exterminators at (479) 783-1822.



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