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Preventive Tactics to Keep Your Home Cockroach Free

Posted on Feb 6, 2014

The mere mention of a cockroach infestation afflicts panic in homeowners. Unfortunately, that feeling is warranted due to the health concerns associated with the pest. While the insect goes about its daily routine of rummaging through decomposing matter, it picks up unfriendly bacteria that can transfer to people through the contamination of food. Not only do cockroaches spread diseases, but their shed skin and droppings are linked to increased asthma and allergy attacks. If you suspect your property has become a refuge for these unsightly pests, your best course of action is to hire a professional exterminator. However, a proactive approach to pest management can limit your chances of battling a cockroach invasion. Listed below are 5 preventive measures you should take to lessen the possibility of an infestation.


1. Cockroaches can find their way into your home through cracks and small openings. A thorough inspection of your property can alert you to any entrance areas. Weather proofing doors, and sealing any holes or cracks on the inside and outside of your house will help you keep pests out.


2. Eliminating areas on the outside of your home where cockroaches can hide is a vital preventive measure. Piles of firewood should not be placed against your home, and outside garbage cans should be covered and kept as far away from your house as possible. Allowing such objects to stay near your residence is practically an invitation for cockroaches to find a way into your property.


3. Cockroaches are attracted to moist areas, such as basements and attics. Keeping these areas dry by using a dehumidifier can decrease the possibility of the insects migrating into your home. Your kitchen and bathroom are also at-risk areas. Be sure to fix any leaking pipes, and refrain from leaving puddles or water filled dishes in or near your sinks.


4. Scattered crumbs and foods left out uncovered are beacons for these pests. Cleaning your counters and properly storing food in airtight containers goes a long way in averting a cockroach infestation. Using a garbage can that has a lid and throwing its contents away on a daily basis is also an excellent defense against the bugs.


5. Before you bring any items into your home that have been stored in a garage or a shed, a complete inspection of the packaging and the item is necessary. If you do not exam such objects, you could unknowingly transport cockroaches into your living space.


While protecting your home by following the preventive measures listed above can minimize a cockroach's opportunity to enter your home, completely eliminating the possibility is nearly impossible. If you suspect your home is infested by cockroaches, please contact us today. Our staff of professional exterminators offers Arkansas' Fort Smith region same day services, in addition to a customized solution to your pest problem.

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